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Saw 34x0.90 BIMETALL=3540
  • Saw 34x0.90 BIMETALL=3540
  • Saw 34x0.90 BIMETALL=3540
  • Saw 34x0.90 BIMETALL=3540
  • Saw 34x0.90 BIMETALL=3540

Saw 34x0.90 BIMETALL=3540

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Country of manufacture:Germany

Bimetallic tape saws are made of two types of steel: Sq.m quick cutting steel is used on the cutting part of a saw and has hardness 66-67 HRC; the basis of a saw to be made of the alloyed steel with spring properties from D6A steel with the hardness of 44-46 HRC.
Two types of steel connect among themselves an electron beam then undergo thermal treatment in special furnaces.
Color of a cloth gets an opaque shade.
Quality control guarantees high stable quality of the tool and allows bimetallic saws to have the best indicators on productivity, resistance to wear, accuracy.
The cloth is intended for strong, frozen breed of wood, and also exotic breeds of wood.

Cloth type XS sizes N
VM Sq.m cloth 34х0,9
VM Sq.m cloth 34х1,1



We offer you service of tape saws and free shipping by service cars on all cities RB and their areas!

 Thus, we can offer you:
- Services - welding, sharpening, distributing and repair of tape and frame saws
- Services in sharpening of circular saws 

We guarantee full guarantee maintenances of sale of machines and free consultations!

The tape cloth of LENKER is an optimum combination of hardness and plasticity. Has a polished surface of a cloth. The back wall is rounded on radius. The profile of tooth is received by method of cold cutting down — stampings, thanks to the flexibility the saw has the long period of operation, tooth of a saw gives in to repeated sharpening and a peretachivaniye without prejudice to firmness of tooth.


Servicemen of the technical center of the Inter Plus company carry out complex service of the equipment on threw also to a woodworking. High qualification of personnel of the technical center allows to serve a wide range of the equipment of the leading producers.

We offer departure of our expert to the place of survey of machines for the purpose of prevention of possible malfunctions which can lead to idle time of the machine and failure of the production line. Will belong to our duties: cleaning, lubricant, survey and control of a condition of mechanisms and details of the machine, adjustment and correction of small malfunctions, control of level of oil, change of filters and lubricant of drives. Our experts will minimize failures of your equipment.

Thus, we can offer you:

- Services — cutting, preparation of metal in the size
- Services in metal working
- Services in sharpening of circular saws
- Services in sharpening of mills
- Services in sharpening of flat knives (jointer plane)
- Services — welding, sharpening, distributing and repair of tape and frame saws

And most important: we can offer YOU and your production service support of machines and the equipment (repair, installation, service, adjustment) and also the consulting help with departure to the customer.

Country of manufacture:Germany
Information is up-to-date: 23.01.2020
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